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Get yourself an online prepaid credit card

What is a prepaid credit card exactly?

If you have never heard of prepaid credit cards, you are probably wondering what they are? Well, a prepaid credit card is an alternative to your regular bank card. It works very similarly to a traditional payment method but allows you to pay anonymously. As you probably know, bank accounts, and with them, bank cards, are carrying a lot of our personal information. Among these, our names and addresses but also most if not all our funds, our expenses and details about mortgages. These are some of our most personal data, that no one would like to see falling into bad hands. Because yes, such information can be extracted directly from your bank card! Opting for a prepaid credit card allows us to prevent data leakages as they do not carry any of our personal information. The way they work is simple! They can be purchased for a specific amount and used multiple times on various websites without having you worrying about potential fraud or information theft. It's a new door to anonymous payment so that you never have to worry about leaking your personal information again.

Buy your prepaid credit card online now on Aufladen.de we will instantly deliver it to you by email. Start making your shopping experience safer on all your favourite websites.

The benefits of prepaid credit cards

Prepaid credit cards are your best friends when it comes to online payment. Why, you ask? Well for plenty of reasons. Firstly, they allow you to make all your payments online anonymously. Since prepaid cards are not linked to any bank account, they are not withholding any personal information on their owner. Therefore, you can shop online without having to worry that your card might be leaking any of your info unlike you might with a traditional bank card. Secondly, there is no risk of credit card debt. In fact, they don't involve a credit line at all. A Prepaid credit card is prepaid, this means that they can only be used for the amount loaded on them, consequently, if you need more money than what you have on your balance you will most likely need to top it up. It is money paid in advance, that allows you to keep full control of your expenses at all time. Finally, prepaid cards are a very safe means of payment. In the event of theft or skimming, for example, you will never lose more money than the amount you actually have on your prepaid card.

Getting a prepaid card on Aufladen.de gives you greater control over your spending and ensures your purchases to be safer. And, guess what? You can even by your next prepaid card, gift card, game card or mobile top up with your prepaid card on Aufladen.de.

Buy the right prepaid card for you

At Aufladen.de we care to offer everyone the opportunity to buy the prepaid card they need. That is why we render various brands and amounts. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to buy the prepaid card that best suits your needs. The most popular ones are PaySafe cards, PCS CreaCards and Neosurf cards here are their major differences:

PaySafe card - PaySafe cards are affiliated with over a thousand online shops. Once you are ready to check out, you will be asked to enter your PaySafe online code and the amount will be deducted from your card. That's how easy it works! Note that it is possible to use multiple PaySafe cards for one single purchase. Not sure how much money is left on your online PaySafe card Use my Paysafecard to log into your personal account and see your remaining balance and details. Plus great bonus, after 12 months Paysafecard will send you €3 as a thank you for using their card. Buy your Paysafecards now!

PCS Card - The PCS card or PCS Mastercard CreaCard is basically the prepaid version of a MasterCard. It can be used as well online as offline at any location that accepts MasterCards. So basically anywhere! Be aware that at Aufladen.de we only sell the digital version of PCS cards. Hence, you can not use it in-store as they won't be able to read it. So if you like MasterCards the best, buy a PCS card as it actually works just like a regular debit card, but without holding your personal data.

Neosurf card - Buy a Neosurf card for an easy, secure and anonymous way to pay. Neosurf is not actually a card but a code and works just like a voucher code does. To use it go on any eligible website, choose your favourite product and pay by entering your 10 characters Neosurf code. No need to give any other information, it is all anonymous! The balance left can be used again for another transaction or transferred easily to any other Neosurf voucher. Your Neosurf online credit always remains valid!

So, which one suits you best? Still not sure? Maybe check the individual cards directly or have a look at some other online prepaid card our competitors provide.

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