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Get Austrian prepaid top-ups and Gift cards instantly

Choose your favourite product from the Aufladen.de Austrian selection

On Aufladen.de we care about our customers. This is why we followed their wish to provide Austrian products in our e-shop. We render a selection of mobile top-up and gift cards and are looking at offering even more product in the future.

Choose your mobile provider in our selection of mobile top-ups and enjoy calling, texting and surfing on the web in Austria. Be aware that you will need an Austrian prepaid SIM card to do so!

Feeling more like getting yourselves or a loved one a gift card? Have a look at our Austrian ones. At the moment we offer Microsoft gift cards and Xbox gift cards both are great if you love to game.

Here is what you can use them for:

  • Microsoft gift card - the Microsoft gift card or Windows gift card gives you access to endless possibilities. For example, you can rent or buy a film to enjoy on your PC or tablet or get yourself an app from the Windows store. The Windows Store has a huge selection of product interesting apps. Use it for entertainment and purchase or rent some music and video, for productivity by downloading tools like office word or adobe photoshop, or to get your favourite video games. Possibilities are endless when you buy the Windows gift card!
  • Xbox - discover our large selection of Xbox cards for Austria. Do you prefer a subscription for several months? Buy the Xbox Gold card or the Xbox Ultimate pass. Access exclusive games a boost your gaming experience. Buy the Xbox game pass and play more than 100 cool games on Xbox console and PC. Don't feel like having a subscription? You can also recharge your account with an Xbox card to get everything you need from the Xbox store directly!

How does mobile top-up work for Austrian SIM Cards?

Select your Austrian provider on Aufladen.de and top-up your prepaid SIM card quickly and safely

Did you know that prepaid SIM cards are the easiest and most affordable way to make calls when you don't have a subscription? The way it works is very easy. All you need is a loaded SIM card from an Austrian provider of your choice and your phone of course. You purchase your calling credits in advance and your SIM will be working until your balance is out. A SIM card can be reloaded over and over again whether there still is some balance on it or it is fully used up. We found pre-paid SIM card super convenient, because they allow us to make calls, send text messages and access the internet freely, plus reloading them is very simple and quick especially on Aufladen.de.

The benefits of Austrian prepaid SIM cards

If you are living between Germany and Austria for example we definitely advise you to have a prepaid SIM card for the country you spend the least amount of time! Having a prepaid SIM card instead of a plan has many advantages. For example, it gives you more control over your spendings as you can decide when and for how much to load it. It is also a good way not to be tight to a contract. In the long run, it might become more expensive than having a mobile subscription, but it allows you to avoid monthly costs and reload your SIM card when you truly need it. Note that an Austrian top-up will only work on an Austrian phone number and vice versa. Check out the Aufladen.de German mobile top-ups if you have a +49!

However, it is important to keep in mind that unlike plans, prepaid mobile credit can run out as they work on a per-minute base. Also, if no credit has been added to the phone line in a long period of time (usually 12 months) the provider will be deactivating the telephone number, and it won't be possible to receive or make phone calls any more. So make sure to keep an eye on that if you don't want to lose your phone number.

Recharging an Austrian prepaid SIM card

At Aufladen.de we care to offer everyone the opportunity to top-up their phone. That is why we render a wide selection of online recharge from various providers. We try to make it easy to top-up whether you are using Lycamobile Austria, Eety, Mtel Austria, B.free, Vectone mobile Austria and Delight mobile

It is just as easy if not easier than it is in the store. This is how it goes: choose your SIM card provider from our selection and select the amount of money or product you would like to load on your prepaid SIM.

Providers come with different products. Most of them offer traditional top-up where the loaded money is debited based on how many messages you send, internet data (typically per MB) you consume or minute you call, but there also is the option to go for mobile bundles. Bundles work as a package. They can for example including a certain amount of data and unlimited message and calling time. You also have the option to only top-up your SIM card with prepaid internet data if all you need is an internet connection. Some of the providers that offer this option are among others b.free internet, Eety internet or Vectone internet bundle

Once you have chosen which product you want to go for, simply put it in the basket and checkout. We will immediately send you your top-up code by e-mail, and by SMS if you select the option with the procedure to activate it. Just be aware that in some cases our e-mails might land in the spam folder. Once you activated it you are ready to go. Enjoy your new prepaid mobile recharge!

Why should you buy your Austrian prepaid top-up online?

Simply because online top-ups are just as easy, more convenient and faster. No need to go to the store any more you can do it in seconds from the comfort of your home, while you’re waiting for the bus or at any time you like. On Aufladen.de you can buy online top-ups directly with your phone from anywhere 24hours a day.

The 3 steps to success:

  • Step1: Select your provider and product
  • Step 2: check out with your basket
  • Step 3: Open the email with the code and activate it

You are all set to enjoy your new top-up! Isn’t it so easy?!

By the way, we also have an app, it's even more convenient directly from your phone!

Download the App Top-up fast with the app. Available for iPhone and Android.

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