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Buy new online video game credit on Aufladen.de and never stop gaming

Quickly get new gaming credit for all your favourite video games on Aufladen.de

Are you a fellow gamer looking for a limitless gaming experience? You are at the right place!

At Aufladen.de we love to play games as well, that's why we offer such a wide range of game cards. Whether you enjoy playing on PC, iPad, Smartphone, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or maybe all of them we got you covered. In just a few seconds you can choose all your favourite game cards and check out, your codes will be immediately sent to you by email. Activate them and let's get playing!

Did you know? Gamecards are the perfect gifts for anyone who likes to play video games!

If you’re not too much of a gamer yourself but know someone who is? Offer them a gift card! 100% chances they will absolutely love it! And who knows maybe they will invite you to play with them.

Choose a card from the Aufladen.de selection and send it over to them! Don’t forget to let us know that it's a gift, we’ll make sure to wrap their online game voucher nicely for you.

The Aufladen.de gamecard selection

Here at Aufladen.de, we love to play video games that’s why we offer a wide selection of game cards to please all our gamer customers. Get your new game card now and open the door to a bunch of new cool features and new skins.

Not sure what to get? Here are some examples of our favourite online game cards for PC gamers:

League Of Legends - Maybe you are already a League Of Legends master or you are working hard to accomplish this quest? Then we have the best game card for you! Get yourself an Aufladen.de LOL voucher card for €10 or €20 and quickly receive more Riot Points. Simply load it up onto your account to add new skins to your character and buy valuable objects that will help you level up.

Blizzard Battle.net - Ever heard of Battle.net or Blizzard? No, maybe you heard of World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm? That's right, all the big games we know use Battle.net credit, it is THE meeting place for great online challenges. Get yourself a Battle.net Blizzard card and access a whole new gaming level. Gift one to your friends and battle together!

Roblox - Roblox is a gaming platform that resembles Minecraft and offers thousands of different games in one. Buy a Roblox card and access a world of endless possibilities. Make new friends, build together and exchange ideas in the forums. Children and younger people love it for its social and limitless aspects.

Fortnite - Fortnite has been a hit game ever since its release. It became in no time one of the most popular game worldwide. Gamers can choose between the Save the World mode where they have to eliminate zombie-like creatures and Battle Royal mode where they have to be the last survivor on the Island. The two modes are extremely fun. Add a few Fortnite V-Bucks in the pot and push the gaming experience to the next level. Get an online Fortnite card on Aufladen.de now.

Kinguin - Kinguin.net is one of the largest platforms in the world to trade digital games and in-game items. On Kinguin you can for example buy games from other countries and certain in-game item at a reduced rate. Get a Kinguin gift card and step into new gaming universes, discover new cultures and make new friends. Choose your aufladen.de Kinguin gamecard, and use it on Kinguin.net to get games and digital items at all time.

Do you enjoy playing on your phone?

Whether you are an Apple addict or a savvy Android supporter Aufladen.de has what you need. Buy an iTunes card online or a Google Play card to access the limitless world of mobile gaming. Did you know that you can even use them to get your PokéCoins on Pokémon Go

To make it even easier for you to get your Aufladen.de reloads, download our app for Android or IOS and experience the mobile experience at its fullest.

Maybe you fancy a good old game on a console?

Nintendo - Are you a real Nintendo fanatic? Then you are at the right place! On Aufladen.de you can buy a Nintendo eShop game card in just a few seconds. Make your Nintendo experience limitless and shop freely on the Nintendo eShop. Take your switch experience to the next level by buying a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. If you are a true Pokémon fan we recommend you to get the exclusive Nintendo Switch Pokémon card.

PlayStation - Buy a PSN PlayStation game card and immerse yourselves in an optimal gaming session. Thanks to the PSN card you will be able to get a bunch of new games and features in the PSN store. Simply top up your account with your Aufladen.de PlayStation card and never worry again about where to find your games and your last saved session.

Xbox - On Aufladen.de you can buy Xbox game cards of all types. Do you prefer a subscription for several months? Buy the Xbox Gold card or the Xbox Ultimate pass. Access exclusive games a boost your gaming experience. Buy the Xbox game pass and play more than 100 cool games on Xbox console and PC. Don't feel like having a subscription? You can also top up your account with an Xbox card to get everything you need from the Xbox store directly!

Make your gaming experience limitless with the Aufladen.de gaming card selection

Download the App Top-up fast with the app. Available for iPhone and Android.

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